Happiness List – DasVidaniya- Insights into the human heart

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DasVidaniya is a movie in a pack of mindless comedies that made a mark on hearts of many.

The movie is about looser dying man and his last shot at getting happy.

Before you Fly!

Before you Fly!

In the Movie Lead Actor Amar Kaul (played by Vinay Pathak) is very fond of making to -do  lists, One day he meets his alter Ego who gets him to make a list of things that he really want to do before he dies. The movie shows his journey of ticking each item on the list and getting happy! What I found interesting is that the list was not just for him; behind each item there was a theme that addressed the deepest needs of the Human Heart, and the secrets of Happiness. And if we were to uncover those themes, we may get an insight into the nature of happiness, and may be have a little list of our own to increase our happiness quotient..Interested, sure!! There’s Lots we can learn from a Man who gave his last shot to Happiness

So let’s examine his list and see what it may hold for us.. it goes like this

 1.(Buy a )Car  – Amar kaul is in a not so well paid stagnant job who dreams of buying a car.

So if you the one hit by the austerity bug who seeks rationale in every object of desire this one still is for you, I think more than just giving in to consumerism it goes deeper and like OSHO professed that True happiness may not be in possession, but the joy of detachment will only come if you have had; experienced and grown. Often wondered how some people are so excited about their latest buy, whatever it may be  remember the last time you saw kids selling something  on the traffic signal that captured your imagination and  obviously you dint buy because you dint really need it, ‘what if the quality was bad’ moreover you would look very stupid buying it. Hmm. And then do you remember seeing it again on the red light and reminded yourself of the reasoning you gave yourself last time . Hold On are you somewhere saying No the need of the human heart to have what it desires. Buy some thing that has always captured your Imagination C’on says yes to the ‘Joy of Having’ both Big and even small little things and enjoy growing out of them. Think of any item that has captured your imagination in recent past…. 

2.NEHA (Amar kaul wants to express his love to an old Flame)

In the  Movie As the Actor vents his feelings to an old flame who now is married and then walks away from her, he feels happier and released. And this gives an intriguing insight that human heart  is as happy taking solace in the fact that it tried, because it is its need to express truly, not Expressing can never be better than not getting, and your heart knows it. I have met a lot of people who have a Dream but won’t go after it, may be because they fear that it won’t come true! Which they ensure by not trying and also get suffocated keeping that emotion inside. Vent them out True Emotions and feelings are like white doves that will only bring joy when released. Surely a person who lives a life of expressing his true self is living in the realm of happiness.

So not feeling too good lately …try this therapy identify one emotion, opinion feeling that you have not released to the right person ..say it and get  it off your chest’ get lighter and happier!

 3.Forign trip: (Amar kaul in the movie has a dream to go overseas)

 Every person has this place that one wants to go to, these places are either the result of vivid pictures we have seen in the coffee table books or stories we have heard about or our own imagination from far past. It is the place for our mind spirit and heart to go and take respite from the reality. if you know of that, may be  a place or an activity good, make a plan to get there or if you don’t ,you need to listen carefully watch mindfully the flight your mind takes sometimes to relax and recharge. So what is that place you have thought about visiting?  

4. Guitar: (Amar kaul has a always dreamt of playing the Guitar)

Hmm I have always bet that in a class full of people if you were to get their hands up on one thing that they could have developed you will have more to count when they raise their hands to being able to play the guitar, Piano , Drums or any other musical instrument ,to be able to sing and dance or in any other  form of  Direct engagement ie Hobby. To  watch movies, or indulge in any other indirect engagement activity is not hobby its entertainment which titillate or excites , it is a subconscious need to find extension to your self in a different dimension of expression, and enjoy some creative freedom which may not be titillating and exciting to start with but sure can be a source of satisfaction and happiness. Do you have one ,great, not really …no problem search your soul and get one …its never too late. right time to get happy is right NOW!

 5..Boss ka Boss: (In the Movie Amar Kaul is bullied by his boss who he wants to set right because it leads him to unhappiness. So he decides to pour cold drink on his head and resign.)

So if you want happiness and you are not dying, a good idea can be to think of other ways to take care of bullys in your life. Having a Bully or a unreasonably dominant

Person around you can be more damaging to your Happiness and general state of spirit than poverty or lack of resources. Happiness is in true expression of your thoughts and opinions, standing for what you believe in. because if you are dealing with a bull and letting him have his way, its sure to come and hit you. And that will not be the hardest part. The constant anxiety and worry you go through being around a Bull will kill you into half. Before the attack, Deep inside there’s a need for our spirits to be free and bullys stop you from being that. So similar situation is taking your happiness Heres a  quick heal, Identify who is the bull around you , Resolve to be open and frank about your opinions  don’t hide them, don’t be apologetic about it , get Assertive big time OR play the savior for your Happiness and get yourself out of the ring.

 6. Mamma: (Amar kauls decides to make his mother Happy and take care of her)

The biggest gratitude every sane human being has is towards his mother,and there can never be anything close to even half as satisfying as doing something for ones parents. And so many of us don’t even have plan for it, what a waste, its like living in a garden and looking for the flowers in the market to buy for your self.. the best part is it is the only dimension where smallest of your efforts will have multifold magnanimous results and that too efforts for your own parents to make them feel happy and cared for. It’s a pleasure you cant deny yourself, don’t be the fish who discovered water last. Start now, do something absolutely spectacularly special for the one who gave you the world! And there is no chance that you will ever regret it !

 7. Rajiv Julkha  (Amar kaul’s old friend now in a foreign country he decides to get in touch with him ).

There is nothing more recharging for the spirit than the company of old Friends. Being in company of friends makes you have your guard down and not bothered if some one has hidden agenda so you are more open and excited to know and share your life and happiness. Do you remember the last time you caught up with a old friend and how it left  you feeling light and happy all day,  so here it A sure way to increase happiness make a list of all friends you have once been very close to, keep that list handy, and make a conscious effort and stay happy!

 8. Love: (Amar Kaul’s quest to find love)

Yes clichéd, but also one of the not so clearly understood emotions associated with happiness. some say ‘Love is not for every one, it is for the privileged or lucky few who get to fall in love or find their love, or get the love of their loved one’  well they have completely missed the point, Love in all its connotations has overshadowed its true nature of being an action verb. Which means: selfless care, its free and its for every one and it answers the deepest need of the heart to be a nurturer a well wisher a protector, it is self directed to start with and  has magical properties and powers and in its truest form it is not dependent on reciprocation. So do you have someone you want to love without having to worry if you will be loved back, , use i! it’s for your own happiness!

9. Vivek Kaul (he is Amar kaul’s estranged brother ,he wants to renew relationship with him ) .A balanced happy life has every thing Money, Love and Family , many researches have shown that happy and successful people have healthy relationships with their family very few if not none go out and make peace with themselves living on soreness of a relationship gone wrong with an important person. Creating a core of people around you who you know are only there for one reason that is love and the relation you have with them. Ok can you do think of a family member with whom the ties have gone weak or better can be strengthened, good the time to act on it is right now, you will not regret it as not only does it fulfill your heart’s need to love and be loved by close once, this store house of emotional security and energy fills any you up to take the world and its not so nice offerings happily remember the old adage strong inside -strong outside. So who out of your core group of family do you want to start building a stronger bond with?

 10. Face on the front page: (Amar Kaul to be on the front page)

Every one will get 5 mins of Fame ‘Andy Warhol said this some 40 years ago increasingly I have started to credit this not to his ability to see the future but to understand deep human needs. So here it is all of us have a Rock star hiding in us and it needs a stage. Some will tattoo themselves completely to come in a Believe it or not kind of show, some will learn fire juggling and show it in a private gathering, and some take solace in knowing that they are the most repeated names in the inbox of their friends email. Finding our space on the wall or planning a stage can be exhilarating and life stimulating, so if you already are not feeling the rush, you are missing it a ingredient to happiness, seeing your self famous.

In the Movie the Lead actor does get to manage this as the last wish by getting his Utahala Printed with his picture, well that was for a dying man.For all you Hail and hearty What’s your claim to fame, what’s your stage and what’s your game.

 Here are the Broad Themes for Happiness once again.

  • 1. Enjoy Joy of having …
  • 2. If you have it in your Heart, Say it out.
  • 3. Go to that special place
  • 4. Get a Hobby -get an extension to your expression
  • 5. Get the bull out of your life , or get yourself out of the ring
  • 6. Happy Person has Happy Parents
  • 7. Rejuvenate with loved ones and Friends
  • 8. True love has Magical Powers, use it without worry.
  • 9. Get the Family together its your strength
  • 10. Get famous

 The best time to make a list for Happiness was a few years ago second best time is NOW. Make it, use it  and be Happy


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It was truly wonderful and gives you a real insight of what it means to be happy.

It is really good. Thanks for posting on net.

have you seen the inspiration, the bucket list? another great movie

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