Creating states using Affirmation

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Focus for your Mind

Focus for your Mind

What is Affirmation:Affirmations are words or sentences that are articulated in the present, these are directions you give to your thoughts, with the objective that you articulate what you want manifested. No different than a prayer, it focuses on a new being you are evolving into.

 How does it work: More you affirm more the mind aligns itself , One can create a state by completing an affirmation routine, Creating your Affirmation can be the most exciting thing, you just have to say how your would like to be in the present, and then say it, and when you say it with high emotional energy or more number of times. Your mind finds it easy to believe in it.

Here is an Affirmation a professional can use to create a strong state of professionalism. Saying this or another version like this before work every day, clarifies to his mind what is expected of it.

 As I wear the hat of a Professional I choose to be:


Calm: Because I know I will do my best when relaxed and at ease.

Appropriate: Because It really Matters to People.

Articulate: Because there is only one chance you get to say it.

Listen: Because it saves my time, and solves problems.

Problem Solver: Because that’s where the Fun is

People Meeter : Because people are waiting to play a part in my plan.

Confidant: because I haven’t gone thru any less than any one.

Focused: because my time is limited.

Brand : Because people will just have 2 things to say about me.


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2 Responses to “Creating states using Affirmation”

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Nice! Didnt know you were an NLP-er too!

Amazing..and beautifully written.
Already while reading it, felt a sense of calm
and strength ..a silent booster of an affirmation
works like a Multivitamin to our daily goals and aspitrations..a daily prayer for ourselvers just to make us feel better abut what we do and how we do it..
I really ike the part in the article where it includes the quality to be “CALM” and ” PEOPLE MEETER” because in our daily routine we forget these two essentials most easily..
Thanks Aman..Great stuff !! Will be looking out for more!!

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