Unique Icebreaker for a Serious Conference.

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Often as a Learning facilitator, you have to do icebreakers and mostly those icebreakers may not be a part of a fun full day training program ,but a serious business conference.

It can be real fun if you have a young group, you can do a lot, do a quiz, do move around activities, show them a clip or a presentation, they are more receptive and ice breaks with them more easily, Task becomes harder if the audience is Senior executives, reluctant to be taking directions, which facilitators love giving, once seated in the conference they are pretty averse to be changing their seats with someone they don’t know etc.

Recently in once such situation, I had a challenge ‘how to keep up the engagement level and add a little fun in 6 hours of grueling business conference.’ I tried something New, Introduced Props to be used during the conference as emoticons, fun expression of emotions with out disturbing others or the event ; I used the Stress balls (smiley yellow balls ) , Play Doh (colored clay for modeling for children) and bubble makers (dip of the circular ring in soapy water )

Here is how I introduced the props

Stress Ball: Use it to digest stress full information. Or if you can’t find the right person to transfer your stress to, transfer it to this ball, it takes it.

Play doh: if you are feeling full of a lot of ideas , these Handy shapers of your creativity will work with you to shape to your Ideas.

Bubble maker: there is a high possibility that in the next few days/hours  ,though Momentarily but we will feel happy about the future we are creating ,and  every time you feel happy  blow the bubbles like we did it decades back , let every one know that your are Happy , and by  blowing bubbles spread your happiness to others , we know it can be contagious and we all can do with it some more of it .

The three Items were kept at accessible locations, and there you have the audience feeling more engaged in a serious conference.

For younger audience , A simple something like An optical Illusion can do the ice breaking very well.

optical Illusions


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