Learn P D B A: A simple and Powerful Persuasion Technique

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So we agree!
So we agree!



Pre Determined Behavioral Action 

Persuasion is a Key Skill in any profession, any relationship, any situation, Day in day out we are persuading people. Here we will discuss a Tool that is most effective in designing communication aimed for persuasion,

To start, lets understand how do we communicate, conventional wisdom will urge you to speak from the heart, ‘say as your feel’, ‘Speak your Mind’ etc. which is true but not completely, often while preparing for a Presentation or a Discussion we start with what all that we want to say and take it from there. That’s a great start for expression but for Persuasion, A different Mindset is required.

In persuasion, you start with the desired outcome first by articulating it in all clarity and then move backwards, PDBA one such tool that gives you the framework that follows backwards the Psychology that will lead the respondent to take the Intended action

Desired Out come of the communication, it can be choice he make about his attitude (judgment or conclusion) or take measurable action. How should the respondent feel to be able to take that action. What should the respondent know to be able to justify his feeling. What should the information be and how should it be presented.
Do Feel Know Select the information
Step 4 Step3 Step2 Step1

 Any persuasive communication, from An advertisement to making a simple speech at office or at home to a formal presentation, to putting forward of an Argument in  a Discussion. This can be applied. developing the skill of using this model your as a one of a natural thinking style may need much practice and art , you can start applying the model for any presentation or speech.

 Let’s look at some dimensions that you need to think about at each step.

Step 1 to 2:  Information selected by presenter transforming to knowledge of the audience.

Once you have a basic idea of the information you will use think about what way should be used in presenting it , will a paragraph ,bullet pointers , graph ,pie diagram, a picture a diagram ,a flow chart what ever that will most effectively let the respondent know that point you are trying to make.

 Step 2 to 3, Transforming Audience knowledge to emotion,

is most important, most communicators miss this point and wonder why people act the way they do, to have a strategy for turning the awareness into emotion qualifies your attempt further towards the outcome.

It usually takes more than bare facts to get the respondent from know to feel. Once you have identified how the respondent should feel think about what supplements will you use will it be a story, a anecdote, a reference, a comparison, a metaphor, a picture, a survey, a testimonial, be careful to select the story is driving just that point that not any other, often communicators use a supplement that gives more information to the respondent than .required and the discussion deviates away from the main subject.

Step 3 to 4: Transforming the respondents feeling to action:

Getting the to feel and getting them to act are two different states of  the respondent, this is where the communicator has to close the sale in a way,

the supplements used to raise the respondent from Feel to DO often  is an urge to make a choice ,it can be just one or two statements here are some examples commonly used.

What would you like to do in such a situation where …say the facts with overtone of feel ..Would you like to …….say the action you want’ and get ………the benefits of that choice.  Defining WWIFM (what’s in it for me) or in other words the personal benefits of  for the respondent ,helps as you can bring the respondent from Feel to DO fairly quickly.

Some other simple statement like won’t you want to do that……..

Creating urgency in terms of time ……offer is closing , time is running out , we are loosing this by not taking an action right now  …what are we waiting for …. When do you think is the Best time to take this action.

Creating scarcity or threat: last ones left, stocks limited, its sold out , there are others who will take this action and get ahead.

 Important tip about application.

the presenter ,work backwards from step 4 to 1 ,clarifies with details and only after the 4 columns have been fleshed with pointers , he works forward from step 1to 4 ,fleshing out the actual pitch of the presentation.

Let me know how useful you find this model.

Or share any other that you like to use!






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