Your Mind could Trick you: Simplest Rule to stay Real.

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Recently a really strange incident Happened:Me and My wife just moved into a new house, as you would imagine it’s a lot of madness. we would always be thinking about list of items to buy or bring to the house  things to fix getting all the necessary connections ,Telephone , Tata Sky, Broadband etc. Just one of those days , My wife walks in the main door and asks me if I had seen the new rubber doormat she had put yesterday, I said no, she even asked the maid if she had seen it ,she also said no, well we both blamed the lax of security in the society and explored how easy it would be to flick items lying outside the house at night…after a while the door bell rang , I walked up to the door to open it , greeted the airtel person , showed him in  and while closing the door, noticed the doormat, I turned back and shouting asked my wife at the other end of the hallway if she had replaced and put a new doormat , to which she said no, then I told her that there is a doormat lying outside , she curiously asked if it was a rubber one , I said yes , she hurriedly got up the floor cushion and said ‘I will slap Myself if it is the same doormat’ she walked to the door only to sigh in curious amazement and got baffled by what had just happened. She mentioned when she came in the morning she got of the lift expecting to see the doormat she had put yesterday, came to the door, specifically looked for it, dint find it, stepped on it , came in and declare that it was missing.

Finally after the recounting of moment by moment account was over we laughed it off.

I shared this incident with some colleges in office , and got to hear of another interesting account: My colleague had gone to a doctor once , had to leave her big bag at the reception with the receptionist as she went in for the doctor’s appointment, on return she took the bag back and looked specifically into a certain pocket and found a 500 rs note missing from the 2 such bills she had kept there, she paused for a moment before accusing anyone of taking that money, recalled in her memory if she had really kept 1000 or just 500, she could recall vividly counting the two 500 notes and putting them in that  pocket. Assured of the amount she raised an alarm and expressed that a 500 RS note had gone missing during her visit to the doc’s chamber. Every one around got concerned , doctor came out , expressed grave concern looked himself in the desks and drawers of where the receptionist was sitting , receptionist herself broke down in tears assuring that she had not taken any thing. Well after a short Drama, My colleague came back home regretted going to that doctor, disgustingly went to the stash from which she had taken the Rs 500 bill and counted them …….only to suggest that she may have just taken one 500 rs bill which she had kept in the bag, well if that was the case how come she was able to vividly recall specifically the part where she had counted the two notes and kept them in the bag? That means, what she recalled as an experience in the morning was not an experience but an imagination coalesced with real experience, rendering a memory of experience that was not completely real. Spooky! I thought. She recited another similar incident of her sister. Her sister leaves home leaving the Maid behind to do the house hold chores, when she returns she finds that the dozen bananas she had bought last night was reduced to 3 , she knew that she , her son and her husband had a banana each in the morning, and that were the only ones they ate ,so there should be 9 bananas in the bowl but there were only 3 , she asked her maid , she declined , again some drama happened. She discussed this with my colleague who suggested that she may have just bought 6 bananas in place of 12, but her sister insisted that she clearly remembers selecting a dozen, counting them and then paying the shopkeeper for the dozen. And that she never buys less than 12 as everyone in her house take a banana in the morning.

My colleague commented that, it was humanly not possible to eat 6 bananas from the breakfast time to the lunch time. But she didn’t buy that argument, she has never reconciled with this incident, never believed that she bought 6 not 12, never gave her maid the benefit of doubt, devised to be more alert in the future .Two Friends

Now all these incidents can be just anecdotes of carelessness or forgetfulness or momentary unawareness , but also the knowledge of these incidents give an interesting insight into the mechanics of our mind , I feel that Mind can really trick you into your own fears , My wife ,though had not expressed, had a serious concern about the security of the new house which she stored in her mind and then the mind manifested her fear ,overpowering paralyzing the rational functioning of senses to the extent that she was looking at the doormat and not able to see it. My colleague from the moment she had to leave her bag outside may have started to feel serious anxiety about the security of her belongings and her mind helped her fears come true by concocting part of the experience that was not real. Her sister, like so many of us who are constantly worried about their helps fleecing them, fell prey to her mind which was simply played her buried fears out in the open. .

So what does that mean, your fears will become Real? The real deal is in not playing the slave to the Imaginative mind but a Friend, and like a friend, in face of any such situation where you feel ‘see I knew this would happen’ ask ‘could I be seeing this because I was any way was expecting to see it’ just by being aware of  this thought ,you make sure that your rational mind is participating in the decision or judgment. Imaginative mind is best ,a Friend of the rational Mind, they both have to work in Tandem, None is secondary none is superior, as friends both will help you support you, open locks for you, and save your from delusion. When they both can keep a check on each other. I am reminded of lines from this poem from Rudyard Kepling, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowances for their doubting too’

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